​​​​​​​Zum goldenen Hirschen commissioned illustrations of five endangered animals for NABU (Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union), one of the oldest and largest environment associations in Germany.

The EU is negotiating the multiannual financial framework this year. The multiannual financial framework is the EU's long-term budget. It sets the ceilings for EU spending overall and in the different areas of activity for a period of at least five years. One area of activity is agricultural policy. In recent years, a great deal of money has been invested in industrial agriculture and little or no money in ecological and nature-compatible agriculture. This is leading to massive species extinction and other nature problems throughout the EU. 

NABU has been campaigning for years for the EU to make more money available for organic farming. On the one hand through intensive lobbying and on the other hand through high-profile campaigns. "Get loud" is the last attempt of NABU to influence the decision on the financial framework. The aim of the campaign is to collect voice messages from the citizens and send them to the MEPs:

"With this we want to show: Organic farming is a citizens' will. Our motto "Get loud" implies that the dying animals cannot speak for themselves and that we must therefore save them."

Art direction and graphic design for campaign, posters, flyers and other collateral show were done by Zum goldenen Hirschen  and NABU.

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